A Simple Scheme for Distributed Passive Load Balancing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks.

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Benjamin Sliwa, Robert Falkenberg, Christian Wietfeld

Efficient routing is one of the key challenges for next generation vehicularnetworks in order to provide fast and reliable communication in a smart citycontext. Various routing protocols have been proposed for determining optimalrouting paths in highly dynamic topologies. However, it is the dilemma of thosekinds of networks that good paths are used intensively, resulting in congestionand path quality degradation. In this paper, we adopt ideas from multipathrouting and propose a simple decentral scheme for Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET)routing, which handles passive load balancing without requiring additionalcommunication effort. It can easily be applied to existing routing protocols toachieve load balancing without changing the routing process itself. Incomprehensive simulation studies, we apply the proposed load balancingtechnique to multiple example protocols and evaluate its effects on the networkperformance. The results show that all considered protocols can achievesignificantly higher reliability and improved Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR)values by applying the proposed load balancing scheme.

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