We Need Your Help

Dear Listener, 

I hope you've been enjoying our show so far. Ryan and I have been having a fantastic time making it for you. But we've reached a point where if we're going to keep going, we need your help. 

Please donate to our Kickstarter

We take pride that our podcast is professional quality, but reaching that level of quality takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. We have to pay for studio time, audio engineering, and production time. 

But our greatest expense is probably the thing that you enjoy most about our show, our interviews. We're able to get interviews with the top experts in academia and industry because we're willing to go where they are. It may seems like a small thing, but it really makes a big difference. Unfortunately it's also an expensive difference, travel is not usually an expense that podcasts incur but we've found it's essential for making ours. 

We've got a few days left in our Kickstarter and we've raised a little more than half of the funds we need. We need your help now more than ever, so please lend a hand and let's continue Talking Machines! 


Katherine Gorman